An assigned topic for a research paper in high school took the obscure subject of Photography to a now nearly 35 year career and an incredible “Little Journey” through the Art of Photography. What was once just a dream has become a reality of recording images that are revealing, natural, creative, story telling, expressive and ultimately that leave
“a signature of the artist and the subject.”
Whether images of weddings and events that display a true relationship of those involved and the story of the day, or portraits reflecting the unique personality and character of the subjects, or scenic, illustrative images created from “WalkAbouts” that visually craft compositions from “around the corner to around the world.” Images that become Photography as Art. Expensive and/or high tech equipment alone does not make a great photographer. Whether film or digital it takes vision, instinct, intuitive ability and passion to capture the spontaneous moment that at
once leaves...
"A signature of the artist and the subject".
A spontaneous moment captured in time in 1983. My daughter, Abby and a little friend taking a walk down a simple path. I feel it reflects my vision of photography. Natural, sensitive, emotive, storytelling but most importantly, timeless.
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